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With acclaim spanning from the Chicago Music Awards to Ghanaian National Television and beyond, the JAH KINGS project earns recognition everywhere it travels for the steadfast delivery of compelling, socially conscious, and highly dance-able Funk-infused Roots Reggae performances.

Led by former world-class track-star (songwriter/founding member), Alexander “Kofi” Washington, and having long-steeped in mysterious alchemical fires, JAH KINGS are now primed to take the project’s cathartic Musical Medicine to the Global Stage.

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  • “I was in L.A.'s production and promotion scene for 30 years, and in all that time I NEVER connected with a band like I just did with JAH KINGS!”

    --Gene Hubert, Author and Activist - September 8th, 2018

  • “Kofi is a Renaissance man with a penchant for bettering himself physically and spiritually… The Jah Kings’ sound is warm and rich, with funk, jazz, and Native American influences. Their funky roots are evident in the reggae echoes of Bob Marley.”

    --T.L. Testerman, The Truth is Out There, Tempo Magazine,The Taos News - March 16th, 2018 Read Full Article

  • “The band mates move together like bodhisattvas praying… The lotus blossom in this scenario is the medicinal nature of this music. It flows like a river of serotonin into the bloodstream through the ear canal.”

    --Brian Rill, The Real Deal Music Review: Jah Kings, Colorado Central Magazine - March 1st, 2016 Read Full Article

  • “The Jah Kings and SSS see music as part of building a sustainable community... [The] new album, the first since Kofi committed to Sundancing, will rock with this energy of purifying and honoring the Earth and the creatures that walk on her.”

    --Mary Lowers, Living on the Earth: Jah Kings and Sovereign Sol Society create in Crestone, The Crestone Eagle - Aug, 2018 Read Full Article

  • “We are so lucky to have an artist like Kofi in our community… JAH KINGS’ performance is World-Class, family oriented, and never fails to draw a crowd.”

    --Benjiman Byer, Owner-Operator of The Cloud Station music venue, Crestone CO Visit facebook page

  • "Kofi’s lyrics and delivery have a knack for leveling an unflinching gaze upon social issues, while injecting compassionate solutions--often in the same breath!"

    David Swain Owner/Operator of Sovereign Sol Society

Core Line-Up

Our Family continues to grow, and JAH KINGS performances frequently feature Special Guests!

Alexander "Kofi" Washington

Lead Conduit

Drums and Lead Vocals.

Tony E.

Wild Card


Isaline Simms

The Mama

Percussion, Backups

Ryan "Lion Heart" Ford

The Chug

Keys, Backups

Jacob Pesqueira

The Scratch

Stringed Things, Backups

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I and I are pleased to Ifficially announce our partnership with Sovereign Sol Society and The Conscious Creators Initiative!
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For the first time in ourstory the entirety of Jah Frequency (LP), Love (LP), Now (EP), and Our World (LP) are available for digital downloads! We are using a "direct to fan" platform, which means that exchanges here on our site give less to Babylon and More to Family! Physical crafts will be available soon!

"Co-Creating Communities of Light"

The JAH KINGS Fan/Family Section is currently in development! We are so blessed to be part of such a beautiful multicultural Family, and we look forward to creating a space for us all to connect our threads of light!


Much Love and Gratitude to Chris Canaly of the SLV Ecosystem Council, and the 4,000+ people that signed the petition, successfully urging Colorado State officials to rethink drilling licensure near The Great Sand Dunes! The battle is not over, but efforts like these show how a United people can effectively protect the sacred Water and Lands!
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Fresh off the press! Our much-anticipated “San Luis Valley Dubb” music video and single release is Ifficially LIVE!
Supa Gratitude for all the Love and Support from the San Luis Valley Community!


We are currently in production on our 5th Studio Release!
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Upcoming Shows

All public performances have been cancelled due to the impact of Covid-19.
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